Dream is the illusion Which conceives works-1988-1
The Sad Barley Field-1988

Dream is the illusion Which conceives works-1988-1

  I seem to have more time in dream than in real life. I live in art-working in daily life but the working life is separated province from daily life certainly. 
  To make one work be born, I must sow the seed of the art, raise it, make it open flowers. To reach the world where dream can live, I hold a weeding hoe and reclaim the vegetable garden of sensitivity. I pick up splinters of real life striking the weeding hoe and throw off. 
  The vegetable garden reclaim clearly is my own dream mental life. I sow the seed of dream about a work. I raise and make it open flowers. 
  I can never create any work without that flower. How can I hold the brush with the brain filled with the tough real world and the devastated sensitivity. 
  Opening flower of dream makes my art world wet like a clear spring and gives me delight and motivation for me to produce works of art. Dream is indispensible illusion for me to live on and to create a work. 

                                                      「GANA ART」 JUL. AUG. 1988